What Are Your
Electric Vehicle’s
Charging Costs?

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Gain insight into your real charging costs.
Generate detailed reports for every charging location.
Be able to include charging costs in your company's accounting.
No extra hardware needed!
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What's under
the hood?

Drive wise, charge wise.

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Real time charge data Track all data in-app. We use the public API of your EV to gather all your charging data, no delay, no external meter needed. Learn more >
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Fiscal convenience Generate reports automatically, and send them directly to your accounting. Hassle-free reimbursement of your charging. Learn more >
eevee feature real time data
Direct data access Get data such as consumption, cost and efficiency. Nothing more, nothing less. Learn more >

EEVEE is ever

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Security is our
top priority.

In an online world where countless data is exchanged, it is of the upmost importance to depend on reliable security mechanisms.


We believe in the
power of community.

Our goal is to create a first-rate product and service for each and every user.
This is why we are constantly working to improve the quality and user experience of the EEVEE app.
We want to hear your story too, so let us know what’s on your mind.

Our story

Why did we build EEVEE?

We are early adopters and electric vehicle enthusiasts. We faced common blind spots and limitations in our electric driving experience.

“How much does charging cost me? Where can I find my charging statistics? How can I declare my electric charging costs in my accounting?”

We built a mobile app that could answer these questions wherever we would go. Today, the EEVEE app isn’t the end of the road. It’s the start of a journey to make electric cars more convenient and increase the adoptation of electric driving across the globe.

Let's co-create a green impact!

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charging costs.

Download the app to generate detailed reports
for every charging location.

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